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Niagarasteel Service Center complies with the CSA Standards Z299.3 & Z299.4
Quality vs. Procurement
Z299.3-85 & Z299.4-85
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CSA CAN3-Z299 is a series of quality assurance standards developed by the Canadian Standards Association in the 1970s. It is an alternative to the ISO 9000 series of standards. The stated objectives of the Z299 series of standards are:

(a) “To provide customers with assurance that products or services of the required quality will be supplied;
(b) For suppliers to assume responsibility for achieving the required quality and then demonstrating that it has been provided.”

CAN3-Z299.4-85: Quality Assurance Program – Category 4
Z299.4 is appropriate for mass produced products designed to ordinary technical standards, or high volume services. It includes requirements to:

  • Carry out inspection and testing
  • Have a plan to deal with non-conforming items
  • Keep records
  • Control measurement and testing equipment

CAN3-Z299.3-85: Quality Assurance Program – Category 3
Z299.3 is appropriate for products or services which involve some complex processes. Failure of the product could cause significant monetary cost or some risk to health and safety. It includes all of Z299.4 requirements, plus:

  • Control of procurement activities
  • Control of documentation
  • Traceability of items
  • Control packaging & shipping
  • A manual to document these activities
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