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Niagarasteel Service Center complies with the
CSA Standard

Quality vs. Procurement
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All steel service centers can supply material, however, this material may or may not come with a mill test report. In fact, the mill test report, may or may not be a matching report to that particular piece of steel.

At Niagarasteel Service Center, we have built our reputation around quality. Quality of material is a given, but connecting the dots from the manufacturing mill to you - "Quality of Service" - is what we do.

When an order is placed, we begin our due diligence. Purchase orders to our suppliers are consistent and precise with our requirements to avoid any misunderstanding. Our suppliers are reminded on their purchase orders that all identification markings and descriptions must appear on each piece of steel, the steel products must be from ISO manufacturers, approved by Niagarasteel, and that each mill test report must be signed and dated by a mill representative.

When the material arrives at our plant, it is inspected before offloading to ensure that heat numbers and identification numbers are on each piece. Then, and only then, is material off loaded, and dimensionally and visually checked for any defects. Mill test reports that are required to be shipped with material are scrutinized as to: manufacturing mill, description, specification and grade, heat number, date of manufacture, chemical and physical properties, and the signature of the mill metallurgist or representative.

Only steel coming from quality assured mills that hold an ISO 9001:2015 quality assurance certificate are allowed in our shops.

At this point, material is either received or rejected. If received, the material is made ready in our "approved for shipping area." If rejected, the material is quarantined as customer non-conformance and returned to sender.

We are out-sourcing specialists, and we make sure that you get exactly what you asked for so that material pedigree becomes our job... and not your worry.

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